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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Stargate DVD mystery
For Christmas, the Marquis bought me Season 2 of Stargate SG-1 on DVD in a box set. There are 6 DVDs numbered 2 to 7. Why is this? Is the set incomplete? Are the people who labelled the DVDs discalculaeic? Or do they just feel like mucking around with people's brains...

Can someone shed some light on this? gayalondiel? sally_maria?


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Somehow I feel that not being confused at all would probably be worse than being perpetually confused. At least when confused, you can marvel at things more easily. Like how come I am at work this morning while apparently having left my brain behind at home... :-o

how come I am at work this morning while apparently having left my brain behind at home...

That seems to be the universal situation at the moment. No wonder everyone throws a sickie at this time of year...

Except us, apparently!

Either they throw sickies, or they show up when they are sick. Had to send a colleague home this morning.

I don't want to be here. I want to be a home and potter. Oh, and finish making the 'breastplate' I started making this weekend... I need to find some glue that will bond the foam I am using adequately. Plus, I need to stop being so distracted.

Maybe we should throw sickies, too?

I want to throw a sickie too, my new graphics card arrives today and I won't have time to play with it before my dancing lesson tonight... I also want to write fic, now I feel like writing again (and am not completely wiped out like I was yesterday).

Alas, being a temporary person is not conducive to throwing sickies. I'm not allowed to be ill until March, when (please God please) they will hopefully make me into a real person...

Fingers crossed on impending real person-ness!

New graphics card sounds exciting - what do you tend to use graphics for?

And fic? What are you working on at the moment?

Thank you! The graphics card is somewhat gratuitous - my current one is the only rubbish bit of my computer, so I decided to buy one that has pixel shader and will run 3d images properly - mostly for computer games, I have to admit, although it should seriously improve the working conditions when I'm making vids...

And fic... ooh, I have several languishing and I've made an authoritative decision to edge back into it slowly. So I posted a new chapter for "Wounds Too Deep" (hobbit angst, yay!) along with the originals reposted on saturday - it's been about a year since I worked on it. I'm going to pick up "Forget Me Not", the SG1 fic I started a month ago as well, hopefully in the next day or so.

There I was talking to you and then some life happened... Sorry about that!

Nowt wrong with using a graphics card for games! What do you play?

Good luck with fic writing!

Ah, life. That damndest of things, how dare it get in the way?

Well, G bought me black and white 2 recently, and he asked if I want one of the LotR ones - probably Third Age - for valentines day. I think he's trying to keep me too busy to notice that there are other men...



I hadn't heard of Black and White 1 or 2. What's it like?

I don't play computer games very often, but the Marquis and I own an ancient playstation and some games that go with it. The Marquis is the computer gamer chez nous.

Ah, the playstation! I have one of those, mostly used for Final Fantasy and similar RPGs (although I used to have Time Crisis for when I was really pissed off, but the gun broke. To be fair, I was about fourteen at the time!).

Black and White is a game where you have a tribe of people, and you rule them as a God by means of a giant creature that does your bidding. You can play as good or evil, and the gameplay differs depending on which path you choose. It's a bit like playing Civilisations but with a monster to do your will.

As you may imagine, I get a bit Goa'uldy when I play...

Yes, I can see the appeal of Goa'uldyness... I remember now: I have heard of Black and White!

My favourite games are things like Myst and Riven which are all about solving puzzles and exploring an interactive landscape. Unfortunately those sorts of game are in short supply. ;-)

*sigh* I spent half my adolescence playing Riven, there were half a dozen of us playing it more or less concurrently in our social circle and we used to go on for hours about it.

Me? nerd? you must be joking

When I discovered Myst etc, I was completely hooked. It brought out all my obsessive qualities. Unfortunately my only friend who played those games had already finished them, so she just smugly observed my progress. ;-)

I'd really like to find out more about the whole background story to Atrus and his strange world...

Oh, don't get me started...

Actually, do. I'd much rather wander in the realms of Myst than minute the CIG meeting this afternoon... it's going to go on forever *whimpers*

I have just come back from a subject board - which was quite boring.

Did you know there was an Atrus novel? I haven't read it, but apparently it exists!

I didn't know that! I shall have to look that up...

*loves the increasing tinyness of the comments*


*loves the increasing tinyness of the comments*

Me too. I wonder what happens when the space gets smaller than our icons...

Maybe we shall get squished, or maybe taller and thinner.

Not that you need to be taller and thinner, but I could do with it!

Hm! It looks as if it is stretching the display area sideways instead...

And yes, I do NOT need to be taller and thinner. I'd have to buy and extra long bed then.


Hm! It looks as if it is stretching the display area sideways instead...

Boring, isn't it? Although sensible, I suppose.

I think we'd have to buy you an extra long house, pet, unless you wanted to feel like Gandalf in Bag End...

and btw, how cool is your icon?!

and btw, how cool is your icon?!
Why, thank you! I am particularly fond of that one. It's a portrait of Bartholomew, one of my dragons. (Well, technically it's an image of one of his relatives, as I don't yet have a photo of the actual Bartholomew...

What sort of foam are you using, and what sort of joints?

I've had good results with impact adhesive on closed-cell foam (quite coarse - finer would probably bond better), though I also duct-taped the edges down to avoid the joins tearing open (which I later found other people had problems with).

I have no idea what the technical term for the foam is. It's kiddy stuff, but seemed like a good start. So far I have lined up the pieces rather than overlapped anything and am holding them together from the inside. I think the Duck tape will become a necessity... (was hoping to avoid that...

More about the process, when I have done some more experimenting.

Thanks for the info!

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