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Merry Christmas!
(Kindly posted on my lj by the_marquis.)

We don't have email or postal addresses for some of you fiends friends on LJ, so

*Merry Christmas!*

Best wishes from na_lon & the_marquis, we hope you have a pleasant time over the next week or so!
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Those of you who have fiended us both will have seen that I posted this on mine and Na'Lon's so as to achieve coverage of both of our different addressly-challenged fiend groups.

Merry Christmas to you both too, at this time I am very full of Christmas spirit - or is that just spirit...

Have a good one!

All I can say is that your email-address traceage was truly fiendish in its cunningness and I am most impressed...

(You could have Googled me! well, if you remember how to spell me. I am terribly proud of being the world's number one me. For a while there was a dodgy glamour model and we had to fight it out monthly for the top spot, but now she's got old and retired and I have won the field!)

Oh, and Merry Christmas, I was so overcome with my Google-boastage that I forgot...

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