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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Outside our office, there is this noise.

Nix: "That sounds just like the TARDIS."

Na'Lon: "Yes. Maybe they are coming to rescue us."

They haven't rescued us so far. :-(
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So which regeneration of the Doctor are you hoping will be inside?

At this point in time, probably the Tenth Doctor. I am curious, you see... Not having grown up with Dr Who, I don't really have a serious preference.

Of course, the only other Doctor to have a Christmas episode was the first, depicted here wishing the audience a Merry Christmas at the end of the episode.

Are you sure you're not the episode bad guys?

Positive. The kind of stuff that has been happening to Nix and me doesn't happen to episode bad guys until after the Doctor has shown up. So clearly we are good guys enslaved by the episode bad aliens and in need of rescue.

My school had heating units which were embedded in the walls behind double doors, with a ventilator grille above. I liked to believe, particularly when I was ten or so, that these would be handy disguises for TARDISes, but despite occasional grinding noises, no materialisation was evident.

Not materialisation is evident here yet either. Maybe Nix and I are not the ones in need of rescue after all, but it's in fact the Doctor who we need to rescue? In that case, he's out of luck, because Nix has gone home and I have a lecture to write. ;-)

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