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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Bird feeding escalation
The Marquis and I feed the little birds in our garden. The tits and sparrows and dunnocks and finches and cock robin, of course. We also feed the slightly larger birds, like collared doves and woodpigeons (less deliberately...) and that famous mammalian bird, the grey squirrel.

Today we've had a bit of escalation, as the original intended recipients of said food, turned a part of the menu: it appears we are now also providing for a sparrowhawk...

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Yay! Who got et?

We've set up our bird feeder and table again, but so far the big boys (squirrels, wood pigeons) are hogging it and the little 'uns don't get a look in, except for one brave robin.

On that occasion, the sparrowhawk was a bit inept and didn't get anyone.

As for getting the little birds provided for: we find that glass-sided feeders with a metal lid hung from the flower brackets attached to the house are too much of a challenge for the big birds.

Good idea, though I don't think we have any flower brackets or tools with which to attach any. We used to use a metal feeder suspended from the lilac tree, which thwarted the pigeons if not the squirrels, until the landlady chopped it down :(

elanor said I ought to friend you, citing the fact that you're a cool person and I'm doing a psychology degree at the moment. *waves!*

Hi balefully! I am sorry I haven't responded sooner to your comment - not been keeping up. Welcome to my lj! *waves back*

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