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What Na'Lon did on Saturday...

This is just what it says on the box...

Got up 10ish and sat in the nice warm (! for a change) living room to finish reading Little Women, which I enjoyed greatly: there is something very luxurious about spending an hour or two reading something you don't need to do a lecture about, and that's easy to read. Maybe that should be obvious. But it felt nice to read this morning.

Then the Marquis and I did some half and half translation work for my father G'Lon. He has the charming habit of wanting me to carry out longwinded tasks for him at short notice. The rest of the time I hardly ever hear from him.

When we were finally done, I went to have a nice hot shower, just in time to miss the first torrential downpour of the day since I had got up. When I disappeared into the bathroom, the sun was still shining brightly. When I came out it was more or less back... Quite amazing. Later we had sleet, too, and more rain and more sun and more sleet and more rain, but not more sun, because it got dark. This changeable weather doesn't bode too well for our planned walk in the Lake District tomorrow with Marxist.

While the weather was playing snap with itself, I called Pellegrina for a really long chat, which I enjoyed very much and which got me through the sticky patch in Domestic Interlude, much more effectively than I had anticipated. I am now starting to get a handle on Giel as a character...

After the end of the call, I put some more laundry in, wrote a food plan for the week with the Marquis, because I am fed up with the "What shall we eat tonight?" "I don't know." conversation that we seem to end up having every day with varying cast. When that was done, the Marquis took off for Tesco's and I went and emithered the next installment. Since I thought he'd be a while I made myself comfortable in the livingroom, to catch up with my paper diary (yes I keep one of those too. It says 'see lj' quite a lot...) and to do some reading for Monday's lecture on identity formation during adolescence.

I didn't get far before the Marquis reappeared in a semi-frozen state. While he settled down to watch a program of the Battle of Jutland, I wrote diary and cooked dinner for us: Knoedel, Rotkohl and veggie sausages (sometimes I really love German food!)Desert was Tiramisu (Italian food is good, too.)

Oh and I had a strange thought: what would Jack Aubrey make of modern ships?

As usual on a Saturday night, we watched CSI: Miami, which was quite good today, it was about some marine treasure hunters that had found the wreck of a Spanish galleon with lots of gold in it and got tangled up with some Columbian coke smugglers. Plus Calleigh seems to have a cop-boyfriend now! I went on to watch Law & Order, which I like well enough, but the Marquis finds it irritating in its format.

Then more emither, and the lj update. And once again it's very late. I really ought to get back on top of going to bed at a sensible time!

Anyway, it's high time for bed now. All I need to do before sleepses is pick a new book to start for bed time reading: what shall it be? Hm... I think Precious Ramotswe... more about this as soon as I have an opinion.
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