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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Saturday's game was absolutely splendid: as promised, Wryelle threw a whole lot of twists and turns at us and it's shaken up the whole crew a lot. The fall out will provide amusement for the players and nause for the characters for months to come!

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Glad you enjoyed it - I certainly did!

I don't think the characters are as happy =)

Oh, Faral's pleased as punch - she reckons she's outsfiked an Immune clan, got Keran home safely and Damon's onto a sound business proposition with Pod, and everyone else will stop overreacting and learn some good hani sense when the contacts and credits start rolling in, lol :) Looking forward to playing Laaissa next month, too.

lol :) I loved the bit where Tian is sitting in the bar with her jaw on the floor, and Faral pipes up with "well done!".

I liked the stand off between the Immune and Faral. Makes me want to write a plot for Faral. ;-)

Well spotted. Not very happy at all here. My head is still sore and I still have no idea what happened in the fight with the Iyrleen.

- Kit

Shiny new sword - sharp too!

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