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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Burble, burble, tinkle, woosh
Another exceedingly frustrating Friday at work. Had to prepare the stuff for my peer observation on Tuesday and it took all day. As a result I didn't get the lecture for Monday written. And the library didn't close at 7pm like I thought but at 5pm. So I may have to go into work tomorrow again.

I also discovered that Dipsy rewrote the content for the course I am teaching on Mondays without paying attention to the validated course content. The good thing about this is that I don't have to do a lecture on risk taking and adolescence. I think I'll do one on the development of identity instead.

The Marquis fetched me home at about 9pm, which was very nice of him: that way I could load the heavy books on the bike...

Watched Thursdays Six Feet Under which was good and grim as usual.

(Domestic interlude) is so far frustrating me (N.B. Pellegrina if you are reading this, I still want to see where it takes us!). I can't get a handle on the situation yet and Giel is not one of my most comfortable characters. It can be quite difficult to slip into someone that annoys you most of the time and that was designed originally to be a git. I have tried to develop Giel in a way to make him more interesting to me but so far have not achieved this at all. He winds me up and the only thing that he has got going for him is that Gauri likes him -- which doesn't give me much to run with. This in itself is a challenge that I am however willing to take on: get into Giel, and still keep him true to himself. Various options spring to mind: I could break with the character concept more than I have already done and have him open out more. Or I could go with the flow and rationalise after the fact. I could suggest an external influence to keep things on their toes, e.g. he gets offered his job back... Hm. Instalment 12 has just come in I'll read that and see how it goes...

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One question could be, what are the things you think of when you speak of keeping him true to himself, the original character concept? My images of the character are largely based on post facto rationalization and (probably ill-digested) memories from dozens of conversations and the correspondence (which I haven't clapped eyes on in 18 months at least). So it's hard for me to know what is "original" and what is the result of your desire to make the character more interesting to you.

(But then, most of my own characters are the product of going with the flow and rationalizing afterwards, and I've generally ended up ditching large chunks of the original concept once I got fed up with guilt about the tenuous overstretched rubber band of over-rationalisation. Neelam being the most glaring example, though I never played her enough to get to the point of trying to make her emotionally interesting to me again once she'd hijacked herself into über-Asian-babe.)

We can always keep this one pretty short. I'm trying to find my feet again too, as it's been a while since we emithered them, and also trying to establish a base line. It's not like we're short of other topics. (Add to list: Gauri might well want to call Yo'Quith to tell her in person she is going away for a few days. It would be strange for Gauri not to try to talk to her after Na'Lon's bombshells.)

Thanks for the comments...

It's difficult to explain what I mean by true to Giel without writing an essay about my learning curve with respect to character development and allowing things that you have done for a purpose to become part of the character concept without wailing about it. I was trying to get at this strange sensation I have had over the last few instalments (13 was okay, I think, if not totally how I want it, even if I forgot to change the number!) that I am letting the character down rather than developing him. I find it very hard to laugh at him without turning him into a caricature. Anyway, the 'original' Giel doesn't really exist anymore, but I have to feel as if the new Giel hangs together as a character rather than just being a series of idiosyncrasies, if I want to feel comfortable playing him...

I think a Gauri/Yo'Quith conversation post Na'Lon's call would be good, too! :-)

I know what you mean by turning into a caricature, as Neelam did that. If I were going to play her again, I would also want to find a serious core to the character to replace the one that fell by the wayside. So I totally understand where you're coming from. And there are several strands to the Giel character I personally find interesting in character development terms, but at that point it's down to personal taste!

Anyway, there are several things I can do with the next installment, so once I've finished waking up, it's time to start typing and deleting the same sentences many times over.

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