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Exhausted cheering

I have finally completed the fourth lecture for next week. At least I'll be able to take tomorrow off from work!

I have even managed to have a bit of fun today, although I was none too impressed by the posty showing up at 8am with something to be signed for. Especially not after having watched TV until late last night (a thing on Blues in Britain). I spent most of the morning reading Barrayar, since I didn't manage to fall asleep again post posty. More or less from noon onwards, I have been working. After the first lecture was half-written, the computer crashed. So I grabbed a quick shower and then got back down to it. When it was completed, I had lunch and a break for some knitting and listening to music. Then back down to work. The next session was done by about 5 p.m. During this break I called my father and chatted to him for a long time. We don't often chat, so it was especially nice. Then more work, with nowt but a quick break to defrost some dinner and discover that the bread was mouldy.

I also did lots of laundry throughout the day. Still got some to hang up, after this.

But at least the Marquis will be back soon.
Tags: books, family, household, knitting, music, work
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