Na'Lon (na_lon) wrote,


Tonight, the Marquis and I went for a walk in the garden. We found a ripe fig! Must pick it. We also picked several handfuls of apples of four different varieties, three to eat and one to cook. Not sure which varieties they are. Am guessing at pippins, bramleys, braeburns, and something related to a golden delicious but much smaller and with a pink flush.

We also had some of the Marquis's colleagues home grown tomatoes with spring onion and vinaigrette as a salad for dinner. I found I actually like tomatoes when they are like that: ripe and not far travelled.

But best of all, the Marquis has started reading me 'Thud!' - voices and all. Ooh, I wish Pratchett wrote more - it's sooo nice when the Marquis reads to me. Hm... I think I'll offer to read him some Diana Wynne Joneses, maybe he'll like that.
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