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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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For reasons I can't fathom, I feel really crap today. Maybe part of it is due to being tired and overworked. Maybe it's because I don't feel like I have a hope of getting out of here this year after all. It feels like my life is on hold again on a number of levels, and when I try to get back on track, something else comes up to throw me off... Like the bit where I have to prepare for peer observation on Tuesday pm, but the Accred. Bollox Visit is on Wednesday. Or the bit where I don't even have the time to do any of the reading I need to do for the course I am taking because I am constantly having to read stuff for the courses I am teaching. I had all these plans for creative things: got new art materials for my birthday and all, want to get on with my story and want to get back to the gym... I need a holiday! And it's only week two of the semester.

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Overworked and tired is pretty good for making one depressed, especially if the nature of the overwork is such that parts of it are interfering with getting the other parts done :( Virtual tea and sympathy...

You're probably right. Today it's just all too much. This has been going on for so long, it's probably taking years off my life-expectancy -- not that I actually care right now. :-( [Glum, glum, me.]

Trying to understand a mostly new load of jargon does nothing to make me feel competent either: I've got to try and know what I mean by CGI, ISAPI, Tcl, arrays, associative arrays, shell scripts and many, many other things, som e of which sound treacherously familiar, like parse tree and variable, but don't mean the same in Computing as in Psychology... Blah.

Yich, I've only ever even heard of CGI and shell scripts!

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