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I am at work. I should be getting on with useful things, but my brain is engaging in somersaulting nonsequiturs. Part of it is probably due to the fact that the weather has changed (again) and the rest... well... it seems that I am congenitally unable to make use of the less busy times to prepare for the busy times. I'll keep trying, though. At least I have drafted an outline for my Master's level research methods sessions. It's another one of those courses where I'll probably be up against a wall of fear and unwillingness to learn. We shall see how it goes. I wish sometimes I taught more things that people wanted to learn. But maybe such times will come if I manage to go ahead with the Forensic Psychology plan.

Anyway, the main thing that triggered off this post is the interests meme that various people are doing at the moment. I thought I'd like to do mine and realised that my interests need updating and expanding. When I set up my account I didn't want to put too many things in. Not sure why, just didn't like the idea of doing so... But now - and the meme plays not little part in my desire to expand the list - the time has come to try and reflect my interests a bit more fully. I'll have a go at updating later, I guess.
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