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Shopping with Third and Chairman

Much girly thusing behind the cut.

Since the Fellowship Festival is coming up shortly and I needed a smart an not-black dress to wear, I went into town today. Third and Chairman, who are still staying with us after Tolkien 2005, kindly accompanied me in the epic search for a black tie dress.

The first shop - a designer outlet was hopeless. The second, a department store eventually turned up some potential stuff, but the one I liked better (a dress and top combination in dusky pink) was dearer than I had intended to splash out for. The other one was a bit cutesy and girly and the lilac colour a touch to cold for my skin. But it was only 25 quid. Undecided, I asked for both dresses to be kept back until the end of the day.

Since the sales are still taking place, we then attempted another shop that I'd walked past on numerous occasions and which looked posh and potentially snooty. It turned out to be posh indeed, but not snooty in the least - the assistants were knowledgable about their stock and helpful and enthusiastic. And there was a sofa for Third and Chairman to sit.

I tried on a series of lovely dresses from the sales rack and very nearly bought a silver dress, but the colour was just not right. Too cold again.

And then they brought the coppery-purple dress... bias cut, with a low V at the back and a slightly less low V at the front, floor length on me, and a split up the left side to the knee. I put it on, not too sure yet at that stage, especially not because it was going for 95 pounds!!! But once I had it on... well, there was no going back and they offered to sell it for 80 pounds instead.

Again, I put it back and went to buy some shoes with a bit of a heel (needed with the dress) and more inportantly a backless bra. Then we returned to the shop and I tried the whole ensemble on. Third and Chairman approved. I liked, too. Sooo elegant! And I decided to get it. As Chairman rightly says, I would have regretted it, if I'd not gone for that one. Besides which, we'd already saved considerably by not needing to buy a dinner suit for the Marquis, as Third has given him his old one.

The Marquis and I will look mighty fine at the dinner!

And Third and Chairman were fantastic shopping companions.
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