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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Tolkien 2005 - The Brief Report
Now I want to read Lord of the Rings again.

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Me too. Why do the silly people expect me to work?


As long as you don't want to write a learned treatise on the catastrophic use of the semi-colon in the Lay of Leithian...

Agreed! I read the first two chapters at work today, where there's a copy lying around!

I've friended you, btw. I hope you don't mind :-)

Not at all! I'll friend you back. ;-)

I hope it went well - I hope to get round to posting an account of the Oxford Tour soon.

It was lovely seeing you and the marquis - and thanks again for doing all that work!

It was lovely seeing you too, and the other SocT-TS russians!

Unsurprisingly, me too! I want to post a report on the weekend too, but I don't think my shoulder's going to let me...


*gentle hugs* Hope the shoulder feels better soon! Oh and TS committee people say that too!

*hugs you and committee people*

Thank you! It's taking quite a bashing at work (apparently I'm far too stubborn to admit defeat) but my left handed typing is getting much better! :)

Boo! We met at Oxonmoot but you were very quietly sat in the corner next to the Cadiliniel & Elanor, hope you had a good con and are feeling well after it!

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