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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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A few bits of randomness
We won against the Aussies by 2 runs. You probably all know that already but I wanted to record it for me. Go England! 2 runs!!!

The boots I didn't buy last week were still there yesterday. They were down to £27. Yay!

I dug out some of the old silk-painting kit and have been working on a half-started tie. I am going to do a small craft display at Tolkien 2005. :-)

The laundry mountain is shrinking - I have even washed the 2005 t-shirts.

Story re-editing is proceeding slowly. Will soon upload edits and additions.

Farscape RP on Saturday was fun! I'll run the next adventure. Need to think of something appropriate now... *evil laugh*

Gave an interview on Good Morning Ulster this morning about Tolkien 2005.

And to state the bleeding obvious: not long now to Tolkien 2005!!!!

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Enjoy Tolkien 2005 - I won't be there, but will be flying the flag with the Oxford tour for adventurous Aston-elves.

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