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The Book of Na'Lon

or rather, Inane Ramblings of an Expatriot

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Finished reading HP6

It seems that my predictions were right.

1. Snape is the Half-Blood Prince.
Tick. He certainly was. I wasintrigued by the use of the Potions book to introduce the HBP. Pity, though that none of the junior wizards seem to be able to learn anything from the books other than to follow instructions. Nobody teaches them how to think for themselves and apply principles. I don't envy their university lecturers at all.

I hadn't predicted Snape's DADA appointment (thought that was going to be book 7). Nor did I think he'd turn out evil. It seems an oddly flat and uninspired way for Snape to end up. Must admit I am disappointed in how Snape's betrayal was handled/foreshadowed throughout the book. Maybe there will be some strange redeeming twist next book? Like Dumbledore asking Snape to kill him to protect Snape's cover? Convincing Harry of this will be... amusing.

(Edit: Just read a couple of posts on my flist as well as done some more thinking. I now think that it wasn't the killing curse that killed Dumbledore - on previous occasions it has looked rather different after all. So a Snape-twist seems all the more likely next book, and I can stop feeling vaguely disappointed, at JKR's sudden apparent lack of finesse.)

2. Dumbledore will die.
Tick. Sob. I liked the way she managed to bring him more to life before bumping him off. But the way he talks about his great cleverness is somewhat on the bloody irritating side.

3. Harry will get a girl-friend - probably Ginny.
Tick. This was actually rather cleverly handled and nowhere near as saccharin as I thought it might be. I hope she doesn't give up on him. After all... Dumbledore has repeatedly told us of the power of love.

4. And then probably dump her in some heroic nonsense of the type that got Sirius killed.
Tick. But not at all in the way I thought! I liked the way that was handled. She's turned out to be a strong and interesting character.

5. Ron and Hermione will continue to bicker, but not *quite* get around to 'going out' with each other.
Tick. What more can I say? I hope they get it together eventually.

As for Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin: oh yuk, yuk, yuk! If you are going to pull such sickly sweet relationships out of your hat, do it with more than a few bloody cameos. I preferred Harry's original thought that it was Sirius. I'd guess she was in love with someone myself, before Harry did and thought it might have been guilt about Sirius that changed the Patronus. But the Lupin thing. Ick.

Anyway, I have a new prediction, for HP7: R.A.B.= Regulus Black. At least it could be Sirius little brother, because I don't think that JKR is going to introduce a completely new new character for this. I may, of course, be wrong, but it's almost certainly who my R.A.B. would be, if I wrote HP.

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I, too, think that RAB is Regulus Black. Furthermore, I think that the locket in question is the one that was mentioned in the clearing out of the house in book 5.

Hah! I hadn't remembered about the locket in book 5.

Funnily enough, having thought through the whole Snape thing and become convinced that it's all a deep plot - and that Snape will turn out to be the one who enables Harry to save the day at the end, probably Dying Heroically (or at least snidely) at the same time - I'm feeling a greater interest in the HP series than I ever have, and a thusey desire to go and re-read the previous books.

Remember when we went to see Lindsay Davis give a talk, and she basically said that she had made her sexy amibguous character Anacrites do Obviously Nasty Things in her latest book because all the fans had got silly about the character and she wanted to make it clear that he was Evil (tm)? Now *that* was mean, and I don't think it's at all what JKR is doing here. She's had the whole plot thought through from the start. Snape is on a redemptive arc, I'm sure of it, and I don't see it as a lack of finesse. Initially (well, for about half an hour) I was completely fooled.

Oddly, I'm not at all interested in the 'ships in this book. Really not interested in the teen romances of Harry and co, and ask for Tonks and Lupin... those characters are so peripheral it hardly matters.

The Snape thing definitely has to be a deep plot. But I was a bit miffed initially when Snape 'killed' Dumbledore. Hadn't predicted that at all. I thought that Snape would continue to stay fully ambiguous. But in a way this is cleverer.

I remember the talk by Lindsay Davis. But I didn't remember about Anacrites. *lol* To me, that name is just one of Cressida's (I think it was)NPCs from Ars Magica days.

I think the teenage 'ships are no more or less interesting than any other 'ships and I loved some of the way that JKR addressed these issues with her teenage wizards - e.g. Harry speculating about how horrible it would be if Ron and Hermione split up before they ever went out. I would have been able to relate to that as a teenager.

Tonks and Lupin does annoy me considerably, the way it was just pulled out of a hat. I really liked Remus Lupin in HP3 - he's probably my favourite HP character, and I wish he was used more and not so abused. It just felt a bit like Captain Jack suddenly hopping into bed with say... Rose's mum, or something, to use a Dr Who analogy.

Except that Capt. Jack might very well hop into bed with Jackie Tyler - he's the sort that can see the potential in everyone, I'd say! Plus, for him, hopping into bed with someone does not equal feeling deep emotion for them ;-)

But I agree the Tonks/Lupin thing was both very unmotivated and lacked any decent setup. Grr.

For what it's worth, I never thought Snape killing Dumbledore (assuming he did) in any way proves him 'evil' - there are lots of possible reasons why Dumbledore might have wanted him to do it, including sparing Draco from having to do it, and the strong possibility Dumbledore was dying anyway, as well as the keeping Snape's cover thing. It seems entirely likely that this was what Hagrid heard Dumbledore and Snape arguing about. I think you may well be right that it wasn't Avada Kedavra that did the deed, thus meaning Snape hasn't in fact done anything Unforgivable, since we know Snape is good at non-verbal spells so he could have been doing something quite different at the same time. Though both Snape and Dumbledore can be ruthless enough to feel that going through with an Unforgivable Curse might well be justified in certain specific circumstances. So all in all, I believe Snape remains ambiguous. It's just that JKR has upped the stakes in this book, to increase tension for the next.

You are, of course, right about Capt. Jack and Jackie Tyler, Polly. :-) I was thinking that even as I typed it. *laughs* I used Capt Jack as my example, as Viala is really into Jack. Much in the way I am into Lupin, I guess. I just wanted to get the full horror of the Tonks/Lupin thing across via a potentially functional analogy. But the problem with Jack is... well... there's little that I see as out of character for him at the moment.

I agree with your theorising about DD and Snape. I have a much longer theory about what might be going on, which includes many of the points that you raised, but to date I have been too lazy to type it up. If you like I can bore you to tears at Aston!

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