Na'Lon (na_lon) wrote,

Pre-read HP predictions

The Marquis has now read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and I can read it next. :-) The Fionavar Tapestry will be briefly put on hold in the meantime.

I haven't read my flist in a few days now, because those of you who have read it already have probably commented. It's not that I mind spoilers, but I did want to record my guesses as to what will happen here *before* I read the book.

1. Snape is the Half-Blood Prince.
2. Dumbledore will die.
3. Harry will get a girl-friend - probably Ginny.
4. And then probably dump her in some heroic nonsense of the type that got Sirius killed.
5. Ron and Hermione will continue to bicker, but not *quite* get around to 'going out' with each other.

Other things I have less precise predictions for... so we'll see how it pans out. :-)

N.B. The Marquis has already responded to some of my predictions yesterday, when I talked to him about the book. But the predictions *do* predate any studying off the book.
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